What is Live on the Weekend?

Live on the weekend was created after I had the profound realization that I was completely wasting my weekends.  I noticed I spent the first part of my weekend drained and exhausted from the week, practically glued to my couch and Netflix.  Then, I spent the second half of my weekend running errands and preparing for the upcoming weekend.  That’s not the kind of weekend I want; that’s not nourishing or engaging!  So I decided to make a change and start an experiment of sorts.  I made a commitment to be intentional with my weekends, engaging in things that fill up my cup and recharge my soul.  And I’m documenting the whole journey here, on my website.


Join me every Friday, as I share reflections, observations, funny stories, and challenges, as I am aim to fully LIVE on the weekend.  And perhaps you’ll relate to my realization and decide to make a few changes in your life, as well.  Let’s do this!

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