Meet Dr. Allison


Life is amazing. I truly believe that. But it’s also complicated, difficult, and, at times, really messy. No one is expected to have all the answers, but luckily, I’ve made it as a mission as a psychologist to help people live meaningful, healthy, and fulfilling lives. Psychology has so much to say about how we can live our best lives, and it’s my privilege to help individuals all across the country do just that. I am a passionate consumer of research, which means all the things you read here on Dr. Allison Answers are backed by scientific research. (In short, they’re proven to work!) I like to think of myself as a translator: taking information from psychology and related fields and making it easy to understand for our everyday lives.


My favorite buzzwords include mindfulness, balance, intentionality, courage, and authenticity, and my goal is to help people incorporate these buzzwords into their daily lives. Life can throw out some pretty tough things, but y’all, we totally have a choice in how we respond. How we respond matters.


I currently practice psychotherapy in the Chicago area, working with adults, teenagers, and families. In addition to my work within the therapy room, I travel all across the country, speaking and leading workshops for organizations, companies, and schools who are interested in investing in their people. Healthy employees, students, and members make happy employees, students, and members. I would love to talk about ways we can partner up and help your people become healthier and happier! Click here if you’re interested.


I graduated with my Ph.D in Counseling Psychology from Texas A&M, and before that, I was a proud Sooner, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Oklahoma. I am a bargain hunter at heart, and I love finding creative ways to express my personal style. (The more color, pattern, sparkle, and leopard, the better in my book!) College football, Harry Potter, and snail mail are a few of my favorite things.